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Hi! I recently got my hands on an old IMac when my girlfriend's parents bought a new Dell. I've got an old P3 running Mandrake just for fun, and I was wondering if anyone knew if the memory (RAM) from Macs was compatible with PC's? I've heard that Mac's operate on 7 bits (without parity?). Is this true, and if so, does this affect the ram? Also (hehe) could the hard drive be swapped out too? I don't have much use for the IMac, but I could use the parts. Thanks to anyone who knows more than I do (so... everyone? ;-)
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  1. Although iMac uses SDRAM similar to those found in PC, they are not compatible. As for hard drive, iMac uses Ultra-ATA interface too, but not sure if it will work in your PC. You can try the hard drive but not the memory.
  2. I ran MAC RAM on a PC, but that was back in the 30-pin SIMM days. You'll find the newer stuff uses a different form factor than a PC and won't physically fit.

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  3. Actually since the IMAC, MAC has gone with fairly standard memory in their systems, can you reply with what exact IMAC you got and I can tell you what kind of memory is in there.
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