What router should i use with a lan 802 11n card

Question? New computer has a LAN 802.11n card. What router should I use to interface?
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  1. Any wireless router will work, if speed is an issue get wireless N (300Mbps) otherwise wireless G (54Mbps) will also do.
  2. A wireless N router will give you better speeds for faster downloads and streaming. Also if you have multiple devices that are connecting you may want simultaneous dual band.
  3. The wireless N will give you better speed but that will only be on your internal network, so transfering data and streaming will be faster but downloading speed wont change. If there are many users on your home network you should probably find a dual or three antenna (MIMO) router which will provide better service for all. The dual band option also help but only if the wireless adapters being used support the feature.
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