Hp pavillion g6 keyboard AND onscreen keyboard hardly working

Hello guys, my daughter pressed a couple of keys earlier and now my laptop keyboard isnt working properly. It is really strage because a few keys are working but not in thier usual function. My partner logged out so now i am sat at a login screen and cant key in a password. The on screen keyboard is behaving the same way which is very odd! Any suggestions? I have only had it 3 weeks and have had no problems it's been great. My mrs said she was trying to type in a website and windows kept popping up when she typed, and then she logged out to fix it and now im stuck. Please help!
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  1. have you tried turning it off and on again?
  2. sounds like one of the keys is stuck. give all the keys a good bash especially the ctrl shits and alt ones. Then press and hold the power button till it turns off. then turn on again.
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