Please Help -Black Desktop at Start Up

Hello, today when booting my computer, during the Windows XP load screen my HD was making a screetching sound. Sparing the details..with safe mode and some scan disk I was able to fix that. Now though, when I boot into Windows..The Desktop stays black.

What is interesting is, I have total control of the mouse. Not only that, the Windows Login screen (which auto goes away since I autologin into my user) comes up too. Finally, if I put a CD-ROM in the HD, the mouse CD-ROM pointer comes up as the CD-ROM loads. It is as if I am in Windows, but the desktop is black. I cannot Ctrl Alt Del though, or actually load anything.

Any help, greatly appreciated.


BTW, the computer is about a year old, built it last Year.

AMD 1.2
FIC AD11 mobo
256 DDR
SB 5.1 Gamer
Elsa Ge Force 2 Ultra

Thanks again.
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  1. Also, some more information. I have used F8 and tried all the different types of boots. They all seem to work. Safe Mode has the Safe Mode along the four corners of the screen and the Build On top. . . but the rest of screen stays black.

    It is so wierd, its as if the desktop is gone.

    Thanks for any help again.
  2. Wierd indeed...try another moniter for the hell of it just to be sure hehe?

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  3. No, its not something like that =(. If anyone has a clue, please help. I am getting my Windows XP prof cd back tomorrow, and am going to try either a reinstall or a fix. Cause I am pretty sure there is nothing I can do without it. Scandisk picks up no problems, so I believe it is nothing wrong with the HD.

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  4. Well it shouldn't be an IRQ conflict, but who knows. Did you try another video card yet? Or take everything out and reseat the video card and see if that works. By everything i mean PCI cards and such that you don't need to boot up.

    If it works with just the video card, add them back 1 at a time until the problem arises again.

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