How to connect my laptop to wifi modem

i have a dellinspiron1464 and have a wifi modem. while connecting it only shows a broadband(home network) bt doesnt connect with a red cross sign over it. i tried adding a new network bt it still wont connect
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  1. To get the terms right a modem is for connecting to the cable internet service that you have and they are not wireless. A router is what connects to a modem and dispurses the signal to your devices by either wireless or wire.
    So do you have a wireless router ?
    If you have set up a wireless home network then you also have a password for it. You need to put the password in the laptop in order to connect to the wireless network.

    There are two places where this password can be and the first is in the router itself and you need to access the routers internal settings and go to the wireless section and select wireless security and you will then see the password.

    The second is to go to a computer that is connected to the network and go to the control panel and select Network and Internet and then next select Homegroup or what your network is called and then next selet print and view the Homegroup or Network password and the next page will have the password.

    You then write down the password and in your laptop go to network and sharing center and select join a network and then follow the instructions.
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