Can't access some devices !

I had a BT homehub with regular dropouts. I have changed it for a Belkin wireless router. I am now unable to stream music from laptop to Yamaha 671 or connect with wifi printer.

My internet is working fine and I can communicate with my Dreambox and Vu Duo with no problem at all. Both these devices and the Yamaha are hard wired to the router.

Can anyone say where I am going wrong please ?
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  1. Your connection settings on the devices (671 and printer) are probably still set for the old router (new one uses WPA2 but you still have WPA on the devices for instance or the gateway went from to 1.1 or something). Any wireless device that ISN'T working: Go back thru the configuration / setup guide and redo the connection settings.
  2. When changing devices like a router or modem it's always a good idea to power cycle all your devices that are connecting to the new device. Power cycxle is turning off the device and unplugging it , then turning it back on. Some tiomes the adapters will hold the Mac address of what it was connected to.
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