Increase of speed in this case? (To get a new wireless or not)

I just upgraded to Xfinity Blast!, and weirdly enough am getting more than the advertised speed (no powerboost). I currently use a Cisco-Linksys E2000 for wireless for the house, I myself am wired.

Because of this new found speed (upgraded from 650 kb/s :bounce: ), my father would like to get a better wireless router. The E2000, from reviews I've read, its wireless over distance is not very good. My father is usually a floor under the router, so...25 feet. He gets 2MB/s - 5mbps_to_1MB/s.

Would upgrading to a better router, such as the Linksys EA4500 (randomly picked a higher rated one), at least improve speeds further? To say 3.0MB/s wireless? I think due to the distance, they're going to stay what they are no matter what, but feel like getting some info instead of assuming. I know speeds would increase farther in hte house over a certain point, than what I have now.
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  1. Maybe the answer is to stick with the current router you know works but add in a Powerline adapter to help the signal down to your father's room.
  2. Hmm...never seen those before. Then again I never look for network accessories/extenders, etc. I'll have to think about it. But now, are they reliable and consistent with speeds? I mean should I expect more than half the rated speed I get? --Unlike wireless where you normally get under half.
  3. You can buy Powerline adapters that cable to the router or a switch at one end and the computer from the other with little or no loss of speed at all. Others act as a wireless transmitter and you may suffer some loss but I certainly don't lose anywhere near half using wireless here. I just tested and found I got my full 39Mb and although I have a very small house, I am four rooms from the router, including two brick cavity walls.
  4. I was just lookinng at reviews and they do seem good. What got me thinking was sold old reviews where the speeds seemed inconsistent (going back to 2007), but now they seem solid. I have t ocheck out the wiring of the home, with regards to the same circuit (if I'm understanding it correctly). But this seems a very viable option! :)

    I certainly wouldn't go for a wireless transmitter though. I don't see the point in one with a wireless network already existing...unless some people don't want to run any wires at all anywhere.
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