Unable to detect device mobile broadband

I have dell xps l501x with embedded 5620 mobile broadband mini card. Vz access manager says that device is disabled. How can I fix. Or in device bad and have to replace?
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  1. If you go into the network adapters page you can see if the mini card is disabled and if you have the option to enable it.
    You can also go to device manager and look for the mini card in the network adapters and enable it there.
  2. Not showing in device manager, but it never did. Not showing under network adapters, which it used to. However, it is showing under Ports and when I check properties, it says the device is working properly.

    Been working for several years. Just suddenly stopped this week. Probably time to replace. Just wanted make sure I did everything I could.

    Thanks for assist
  3. Have you tried a driver update ? Or firmware update ?
  4. Finally found the right driver. There are so many for that broadband device. Everything working fine now.

    Thanks for the assist. :bounce:
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