need help...hard drive not found

I borrowed the ide cables from one pc to another to finish a new pc being built.....the new pc works fine...but i put the ide cables i stole from the other pc back in the old one and now the old one boots up too "hard drive not found press f1 to try again or f2 to enter setup"....if i press f2 then escape...the pc boots up but doesnt see my cd-w or dvd rom...i read some forums and some said it could be my cmos battery, so i went and got another one...and its still the same...i tried re-seating my ram and crimms and still nuttin...the one thing i didnt try is swapping my cables from ide1 or ide2 to see if that work but i figured i'd better post first because i really dont know what the hell im doing.....but im pretty sure your hard drive needs to go in ide1 all the time ..correct?

thanks for any help....
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  1. Are the cables 80- or 40-wire? If 80-wire they need to be plugged into the mobo only one way. Usually the blue colored end is plugged into the mobo. If your hard drive is jumpered CS (CableSelect) then it needs to be plugged into the other end of the cable. IOW, for CS (all drives jumpered to CS and 80-wire cable), blue end to mobo, drive to be C: on cable end, drive to be D: in the middle. For CS on 40-wire cables (all drives jumpered CS), the cable should be marked with drive and mobo positions - if the cable isn't marked with drive positions, then it probably isn't a CS cable, jumper drives Master/Slave.
    . If drives are jumpered Master/Slave, then position on cable doesn't matter, but Master on end and Slave in the middle is the traditional way. The cable end position must always be occupied.

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