I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit for $650. I make my living with a laptop. I am a graphic designer and Cad operator. I use Auto Cad 2010, Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5 for my income. I was using a 7 year old laptop running XP. I can not afford to buy new 64 bit software. I asked around a lot and did some research. There is a general consensus that if I want to run 32 bit software, Windows 7 Ultimate is the platform that guarantees that 32 bit software will run in the 64 bit environment.

I’m a computer user, NOT a computer Tech. So I spent an extra $150 to upgrade to the Ultimate. I’m good to go . . . So I thought.

I am LOST without Windows Classic Mode. The first couple of days I slaved to get Win 7 to look and run like the Windows Classic Mode. I loaded the Win 7 version of Firefox and transferred my bookmarks. No problem. I installed Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended . . . no problem. I then tried to install Auto Cad. It will not Install. I just get a message that the OS is not compatible !! :fou: What ??!! :o I spent $150 so this won’t happen !! :cry: A friend of mine had a 64 bit trial version I can try. That Installed properly.

I’ve been using Word Perfect X3 that I bought a few years ago. It installed like it should and it SEEMED to run properly . . . It seemed to run OK until I tried to save. I am unable to save anything anywhere !! :cry: It was asking me for a password for the document . . . That never happened before ! :heink: I gave it a password but it still won’t save the file. What is going on !!?? Win 7 Ultimate can’t run anything that is a 32 bit software !!!!! :fou:

Another thing I wanted to do was to have an administrator account but to do daily work, I wanted to have a standard user account. I wanted to have the standard account to look and work the same as the administrative account but with restrictions. It took me a while to figure out how to do this in Win 7. When I tried to copy the necessary file to clone my profile . . . I get a message that I don’t have permission to do this !!!!! :fou: WHAT THE FRAK . . . I’m logged on as the Administrator !!!!! HOW DO I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION ??!! WHY CAN’T THE ADMINISTER HAVE FULL ACCESS TO CHANGE ANY FILE ON THE COMPUTER !!! :fou: :pt1cable: :o

@#$%$%^&*()$%^@#$%^%^&* WINDOWS 7 ABSOLUTELY SUCKS !!!!



--> Can someone please tell me HOW to get full access to all the files on my computer ?

--> Do I need to specify . . . Some how . . . that the software I am trying to install is a 32 bit software?

I MUST be missing something . . .

So far . . . Win 7 Ultimate has not been able to install or run any 32 bit software I want to use.

I don’t have much choice . . . I have to learn Win 7. Hopefully I won't have to buy all new 64 bit software . . . :cry:

Any help will be VERY appreciated.

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  1. The way that 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate supports 32-bit only applications is through something called XP-Mode. It's a feature built into Windows 7 that allows you to boot a little virtual windows XP environment. Trouble is, I think you're going to have trouble with hardware acceleration using CAD in XP-mode. Another option would be to install 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate. (If you bought a boxed copy, you get both discs; if you got 64-bit Ultimate pre-installed, you're probably out of luck.
  2. it is you. LOL. no offense. ease up on the smilies and the!!!!! and %&***$$(+-#.

    There probably some tools to get it to look like windows classic. but the best advice is too adjust. its not that dissimilar and it works quite well. but to each his own.

    You can't normally copy a user's profile its marked private (for good reason). To do so you need to go into the security setting and take ownership. I don't recommend doing it this way.

    There is really no reason to use a standard account if no one else uses the computer and you don't do dumb things online. I wouldn't bother.

    All versions of windows 7 64bit can run 32bit software just fine. the upgrade was kinda a waste if that was the issue (its not). You could have even installed 32bit home premium if you wanted for free. But the actual problem is you are using really old software not designed for windows 7. You may need to search for some fixes to get things to run.

    here's autocads statement about windows 7 and AutoCAD 2010.

    However what ultimate DOES get you and what you probably need is XP mode. it lets you run XP programs in windows 7 via a virtual machine. its only available to enterprise and ultimate editions of 7. so the upgrades not a waste. You can read about and download XP mode here:
  3. unfortunately autocad is one of the few software that needs to be the same as the operating system. if you purchased 32 bit you ought to be able to download 64 bit using the same key.
    or here is software specifically for what you are going through, i do not endorse anything, just giving you something to look at:
    i have no idea why your having problems with word perfect because it been 20 years since i used it.
    if you are logged in as an administrator doesn't mean you have ownership of all the folders and files on the hard drive; you may need to take ownership of those.

    sorry you're having problems, but most of what your going through is normal "new user" stuff. it gets better :)
  4. Thanks for the replies.


    I heard about "XP Mode". The guy at Best Buy told me that my "Ultimate" upgrade included the "XP mode" capability. I assumed that Win 7 Ultimate will know "automatically" to switch to proper mode to install an older software. I read about "How to install XP mode" in the FAQ area on this forum. I'm starting to realize that Ultimate is "XP mode & Virtual PC" capable . . . but I still have to install it . . . Is that what I have to do ?

    Regarding Auto Cad, I think I'm going to obtain a 64 bit copy somehow since its my main income producing software I use. There are some older versions for sale for a few hundred dollars.

    My new laptop came pre-installed with Home Premeuim and I upgraded to Ultimate so I don't have the option of running Win 7 in 32 bit.


    I am the only one using my new computer. The reason I wanted to run my daily use in "standard user" account is because about a year ago I picked up a malware that held my computer hostage until I paid $59.99 for "protection". I was in the middle of a project so I needed to have my software released. I immediately cancelled my card, changed all passwords and went to my bank and had new cards released and tried to have the payment block. It turns out that this is a scam that is going around. If I had more than one user accounts set up, I may have been able to continue using my computer by logging on as a different user. I was also told that doing daily work using an administrator account is dangerous because the administrator has access to change anything on the computer. Through an admin account, a hacker software can take complete control of my computer . . . which is what happened. I am also turning off my wi-fi when I'm not using it. I am very careful when I'm on line. I never give out my phone number or any personal information. I never download anything without my security software turned on. I've made my share of internet mistakes and try not to do it again.

    The strange thing is . . . "permission required" error happened BEFORE I created any other user accounts. It happened when I tried to modify a ".dll" file. It also happened a few other times, all before any other accounts were created. I'm pretty sure none of these files were slated as "personal". There are files on my new computer that I can not modify using my "administrator account". Got any ideas about how to fix it ? I had assumed that an "administrator" account had "full access" and I can do anything to any files. The files I leave my hands off are "system files".

    As far as "old" software, I might have to find one that is Win 7 compatible.

    Thanks for the Auto Cad 2010 info. I like to wait a year or two before changing OS. I usually wait until the new OS becomes standard with new computers being sold. I skipped Vista because XP was working so well. I'm just a little taken back at how different Win 7 is from XP in classic mode.

    I am going to look into using the "XP Mode" and "Virtual machine". I'm assuming I will be able to run "XP Mode" software and 64 bit software at the same time.


    Thanks for infos. Longbow site might be out of date. The page leading to more information returns "page not found".

    The MS info on "file/folder ownership" looks very promising.

    I expected some "new user" aggravations but not this much . . . specially 2 years after the initial release of Win 7. Maybe its just me but I find it generally difficult to use for user moving up from XP (Vista skipped). But, if I think back . . . I used to curse "documents & settings" folder LOL. I got used to it. Now its called "Users" . . . It took me a while figure out that "Users" is the old "documents & settings". Now WHY couldn't have they named it "User Settings" ???? I would have known right away what to find in a "User Settings" folder. The Win 7 "Help" is full of similar ambiguities !! Microsoft is definitely doesn't believe in . . . "If it ain't BROKE . . . DON'T FIX IT !" :lol:

    I know, I just need time to get used to it. But right now, I feel like I'm learning how to drive in England . . . on the WRONG side of the road. :heink:

  5. Hi

    you were wrongly advised to get ULTIMATE when Professional would do
    Windows XP mode has one advantage over Virtual PC 2007 in that it includes a free licensed copy of Windows XP Professional SP3
    It is also well integrated so it by default has shared access to drives & devices

    A downside for Autocad is that the Graphics Card seen by XP is emulated as an obsolete S3 graphics card
    (worse than an Intel integrated graphics card)
    so you can not take advantage of High Resolution, hardware acceleration etc even if you had a Workstation Graphics card.

    You would have to install software into the XP Mode virtual PC not into Windows 7

    How much memory did you have in the old laptop ? and the new laptop ?

    Win XP, Vista & 7 32 bit versions give a maximum of 3.25GB to 3.5GB of usable RAM (less with shared graphics memory)

    Mike Barnes
  6. Whomever told ya about Win7 Ultimate being required prolly has a bridge to try and sell next time ya go back.

    Yes, Win7 is annoying .... apparently MS feels they have to make everything look and work different so that they can charge you $100 for the upgrade.....and of course all the trainers get to bill hours. Be advised....Win 8 takes this to the extreme.

    Can someone please tell me HOW to get full access to all the files on my computer ?

    Set yaself up as administrator


    Cause that would be silly. When multiple user have access to a computer should they be able to erase each others files ? MS needs to get used to the fact that very few PC's these days are used by more than one person.....and give owners the option to set up PC's accordingly.
  7. I agree . . . Win 7 REALLY SUCKS !!!

    I still don't have full control of my computer !! I changed the ownership of my root drive , , , all sub directories. I also changed all user permission to have FULL ACCESS. I restarted my computer . . . I STILL can't copy a file into a folder. Its a folder in Photoshop.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get full control of all folders so I can modify and delete any file on my computer.

    HOW do I set up myself as the "Administrator" with "full access" ??????????????????????

    Do I need to delete all users except 1 user??

    Someone here MUST have full access of their computer . . . how did you do it ??

    Help . . . :cry:

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