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I've recently upgraded my computer from a XP machine to a Win7 machine. Back in the old days of my XP machine I would almost only use it to play a Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality.
When I first purchased the wirelsess USB adapter I had a problem with the game losing connection for a little while every 30 second, which of course was extremely annoying. I later solved this problem by disabling Windows Zero Wireless.
Now the problem is back It seems like it's the same problem at least. But if I turn off WLAN autoconfig in Windows 7 I'm not able to connect to my WIFI at all. It turns off my third party wireless software as well?? Any help with this?

By the way my USB adapater is a D-link 160 and my router is a D-link 615 (Maybe... I'm at work so it's just out of my memory)

And please don't start a discussion about USB adapters/WIFI is a bad idea for gaming. I know that, but this is the ony optiion atm.
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  1. Have you tried ant other USB adapters or tried this adapter on any other computer ?
    Have you tried turning back on the WLAN autogonfig ?
    Tried a system restore ?
  2. My son uses this one on his gaming machine and it works real good. Amazon currently has it for $40ish but every few days they drop into int the $20ish range.

  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833381014&Tpk=gamebase

    I go wireless with my gaming ^ Quite big but gets the job done.
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