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I just installed a new SSD in my Dell Insiron M5030 laptop. I then ran a clean install of Windows 7 Home Prem SP1. Everything installed nicely but now I can't log onto the internet. I belive I lost my ethernet and netword drivers. How do I install these if I cant't get online? I have another computer. Should I download the drivers from Dell or Microsoft then burn them to a disc and install that way or I do have a windows repair disk and a back-up disc. But I hate to use the back-up disk because I want a clean install. Also I tried this both wired and wireless. When I try wired it asks me for USERNAME AND PASSWORD but I don't have one. It's a Belkin router so I used "admin" as the password and still no luck. What should I do?
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  1. download the drivers from Dell and copy them to a cd or usb drive to transfer them to the other computer.

    have you tried PASSWORD or NO PASSWORD
  2. I found the Dell drivers and utilities disc that it came with. Tha orked. Thanks.
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