DVD Rom drive doesn't read some of burn DVDs

My laptop have DVDRamGT30L HP
Dear Sir
My computer runs on Window 7 home premium and I use Cyberlink power 2 go for image and burning. I'm from India and recently we has religious function at home. As this was a personal religious event we took service of professional photographer who shoot the event using his digital camera and converted it to
image on his computer. he burned image on DVD . I can play DVD on traditional DVD player Though the disk is full my computer drive recognize it as blank DVD. There are total 41 DVDs and some of the DVDs are recognized and can be played on computer. My DVD writer (on PC)is in good condition. The DVD which shows blank on my computer is shown full on photographe's computer.Unfortunately he could only told me that he has transfered this event from his camera disk to computer using some new HD technology. According to him some configuration changes required on my computer. His computer also run on window 7. Also same photographer did this same event recording for me three years ago and all these DVDs play well on my computer
I request your advice and support
Many thanks
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  1. Hi Bhavesh,

    Under what file format has the DVD been burned?
  2. shadow71 said:
    Hi Bhavesh,

    Under what file format has the DVD been burned?

    Dear friend

    Many thanks for replying to me

    This is burned on Moser DVD Recordable i understand DVD -R 4.7GB 16 x

    One of the posts on HP forum suggested to update the firmware for this DVD drive. But I couldn't find the firmware
    This is HP DVD RAM 30GT L model
    Many thanks
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