Need Help with set up of PC2700 RAM

Hi, I am new to here but would like your input.

I just built a Soyo KT333 dragon lite and Athlon X 2100+ . I am using the GEIL 512MB PC2700 333MHZ ULTRA RAM that’s rated CAS 2 5-2-2 1T. I am not sure what the CAS number means.

I installed it and put it in the default settings.
Check WCPUID and gave me a reading of:
CAS# Latency 2.5 clocks; RAS# to CAS# Delay 3 clocks; RAS# Precharge 3 Clocks; Cycle Time (Tras)6 clocks;

(here’s a link to where I bought this memory)

How do I set this properly to make it CAS 2 5-2-2 1T? I would like to manually set this in the bios. I need help on deciding which numbers work best!

Here is what my BIOS has and the choices.

DRAM timing – By SPD; Manual

DRAM CAS – 2.5; 2

Bank Interleave – Disabled; 2 bank; 4 bank

Precharge to Active (trp) 2t; 3t

Active to Precharge (Tras)- 6t; 7t

Active CMD (Tred)- 2t; 3t

DRAM Queue Depth- 2 Level; 4 Level; 3 Level

DRAM Command Rate - 2T Command; 1T Command

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Go with the lowest numbers, except for DRAM queue depth and bank interleave. If you can't boot or are unstable, increase the numbers.
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