Cannot connect to Linksys Router Web Page

I am trying to access the IP address so I can secure my wireless router.
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  1. how are you connected to the router? wired or wireless
  2. Try If that don't work (I assume you are hard wired to it and NOT trying to access a new router via wireless??), open a command prompt and type:

    tracert -d

    It should hit your router on the 2nd hop (possibly first depending on setup).
  3. Emerald said:
    how are you connected to the router? wired or wireless

  4. Disconnect the router from the modem. Can you then get to the login page?

    What IP does your computer get when connected to the router?
  5. When using the same cable are you able to access the internet and is it just the routers log in page that you can't ?
    When entering the are you clearing the address bar completely ? Even the http ? If your trying to enter the and the address bar has https:// then it won't work , the s after the p is stopping the proess.
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