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Hello, I've bought a TENDA wireless router. It works absolutely fine with my laptop, but when I try to connect one of my three mobile phones (Nokia C5-03, Sony Xperia Tipo, Samsung Galaxy Y) all of them find the network, when asked for password I enter it, it says that password is ok, and in the same second network disappears and reappears instantly - it ask again for a password and everything starts again. I just can't connect and use internet on my mobile phone, but I use Wi-Fi on my laptop. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the settings.
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  1. When you set up the router did you change any og the internal settings in the router ?
    You can go into the routers settings and go to the wireeless section and make sure that the wireless bands are set to mixed broadcast so that it's broadcasting all the bands that it supports and not just one.
    If that's not the issue then you can try changing the chanel in the router.
  2. Today I've removed the password, and it worked. It seems that all my phones have trouble with the WPA-PSK AES password. Maybe I should use WPA2? I heard about problems with WEP and with TKIP and that's why I set it to WPA-PSK AES? Which type of password is most smartphone-friendly? :)
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