Getting disconnected from the internet with 2 pcs

My wife is using a laptop (wireless) and I am using a custom built PC (thanks to the great folks at tomshardware). We have AT&T DSL I believe its a 6mb connection. Anyways, only sometimes when my wife is surfing the net do we both get disconnected. I had this issue about 2 years ago when she had a laptop, AT&T came out several times to try to fix the issues, I called support as well, no one was able to stop it. I went into a pawnshop one day and mentioned the issue to the lady in the store, she said "oh..yea thats because you need to have a router attached". I never thought anything about that because i have a 2wire Gateway (I thought it was also a modem/router).

Anyways, does anyone have any insight into what could be causing this issue? It doesn't seem to DC us when shes playing like xbox games (windows 8 on the ultrabook)...but when she gets on the internet it does it..but not all the time. I was thinking maybe it was DCing because we were putting to much on the gateway. Anyways any help would be appreciated! thanks guys!

Desktop: Using ethernet...custom built PC (previous pc was a HP...same issue)
Ultrabook: HP Envy 4-1115dx (previous laptop was a compaq...same issue)
Gateway: 2Wire 2701 HG-B
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  1. The 2wire is a router (combo modem+router, to be precise), so that's not the issue. And since the only constant here is the router, it's perhaps a bad/failing 2wire. Maybe it just needs to be replaced, or reconfigured into a simple modem and add your own wireless router. Many ppl prefer having their own wireless router anyway for the additional features and control.
  2. I have already had AT&T replace the gateway, granted they replaced it with another 2wire gateway. I did have them send me another router but just never got around to hooking it up. Is that the only thing that it could be? my parent also have AT&T and they have the same 2wire gateway and I have been over to their house and seen their internet dc on them...they also have 2 pcs. Could it be maybe to much bandwidth is being used?
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