Firewall keeps block Xbox Live?

Hello all,
I recently bought a Netgear Pro-safe VPN firewall. I have 3 or 4 Xbox consoles on my network. After a few days i got multiple complaints that the users kept getting disconnected from Xbox live after i installed this firewall. I have noticed that it only does it to the xbox, computers and laptops are working great. I also noticed that, 5 or 10 sec. before the router goes out. The firewalls indicator lights all light-up at the same time. Then it resets and the connection restores itself. It happens mostly when using Netflix through the xbox. I have tried port forwarding but it seemed like it made it worst. Maybe i port forwarded wrong? Any advice would be great!

Thanks in advance! - Nate
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  1. Also when i checked the security log i get a " TCP connection dropped, possible port scan or suspicious TCP data"
  2. I would bet is related to the xbox using UPNP. There is much disagreement as to how safe it is to allow UPNP. You may have to change settings on the firewall to support it. It should be possible to use 100% manual port mappings but it tends to be tedious to setup sometimes.

    Now your firewall may actual be detecting a attack, there are well known exploits of routers that support UPNP and you see active attacks on these from time to time. If this is a actual attack you may have to change the firewall to ignore them or just log the issue but not attempt to block it.
  3. Makes Sence! Do you know were i would find this setting or how to go about this?

    Thanks!!! :bounce:
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