PSU:how much is enough?

i've got a athlon 1800+, radeon 9500 pro, maxtor 7200 60gb hard disk, plannin to get a reasonable sound card, hav some other cards like modem, LAN. So how much watt is enough when shoppin for a new casing?
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  1. i would think 350w would be more than enough. i would suggest at least 300w though.

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  2. You'd be surprised at some of the PS that I see in some of the "cookie cutter" computers. Worked on a HP 4440 the other day (AMD 350MHz) with all the normal stuff and it had a whopping 100 Watt power supply in it! Also worked on an Emachines about 6 months ago with a 145 Watt PS, go figure! Anywho, a 300 runs both my NoCase computers fine. When NoCase Too was in the Aluminum case, it had dual hard drives and a CD burner.
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  3. I would also recommend a 350 Watt PSU.
  4. lol, thats almost exactly the same system i have.

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  5. 300W as minimum, preferably 350W.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
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