New Laptop Starts back up after shutdown when AC Plugged in

Hi, Just got a new laptop an Asus A54C-SX327S and no matter what I do whether I shutdown or hibernate it always powers back up on its own when the power in plugged in. If I unplug the power it shutsdown fine and I can plug the power back in and nothing happens, it just charges like a normal laptop.
Does anyone know what the problem could be, or will I have to take it back?

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  1. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer for support since you just purchased the laptop and it is under warranty
  2. check the bios under power options, maybe its set to "return to last state" when power loss. or "always on"
  3. Iv actaully already tried that, but there are no Power Options visible in the BIOS which I found very odd.
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