I have set up a Belkin wireless router but cannot access the internet wirelessl

My computer sees my network, but I can't connect to the internet wirelessly. If I plug in the Ethernet cable from the modem I can access the internet. So, I've narrowed this down to something with my router.

Router: Belkin N750 DB N+

Steps taken:
Modem and router have been shut down and restarted.
Router has been returned to factory settings and reconfigured.
Validated with my ISP there are no issues with my internet service.
Router software has been uninstalled, reinstalled
I do not use McAfee.
I've run a full virus scan, a full malware scan and just for good measure, a defrag.
I've checked my firewall.

Short of buying a new router (this one is less than a year old) now what?
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  1. Have you told the computers that the router has reverted to its original wireless security key? They may still be trying the one that was in use before you reset the router. Delete the saved data your computer has in Preferred Networks in XP or Manage Wireless Networks in Vista and W7 and make a fresh start.
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