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For the last couple of days my computer has strangely started freezing. What happens is programs will refused to launch, webpages won't fully load, and programs will stop working or crash. My mouse will do the whole loading circle thing. If I try to click around then the mouse will freeze as well. When I restart my computer it will happen again in about 10 minutes. It doesn't happen to safemode. I used full scan on maleware bytes, but it didn't pick anything up. I need to make textures for a project, but it's impossible with my computer freezing. I have a really good desktop as well so it isn't the hardware.
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  1. All I can suggest is do a system restore to the time before it started playing up. You could also defrag using Defraggler, delete unused registry keys and temporary files with CCleaner and delete programs that you don't need but delete them thoroughly using a program which deletes the left over registry keys and files. Then see if you see any improvement.

    If not, see what processes are running such and see if you can see anything obvious conflicting (2 antivirus programs). Hope this works for you :)
  2. I have removed all programs I installed since its been acting up and used ccleaner as well already, but it didn't fix the problem. The only anti virus I have is Avast. I guess I gotta figure out how to do a system restore.
  3. I did a system restore to before my computer was acting up, but the same problem persists. This makes me worried. What could possibly be the cause?
  4. if it working in safe mode try using msconfig and turn everything off in start up and see if the same error happens. if it still hangs try reinstalling video and mouse and keyboard drivers it could be one of them got damaged.
  5. I've done all that and it didn't help at all. I'm getting ready to reformat. The problem is now happening after only a couple minutes of the computer being restarted.
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