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I have a belkin 150 router connected to my modem. I use the wifi in my room. But recently I messed up in the router's page which i dont remember. Now I can't connect my computer to my own network. I am using my friend's network right now. The conenction is shown as "Limited." All the solutions say to type one IP adress or the other to the browser but when connection to my router is not there. How can it work???
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  1. I would hold down the reset button and start over with default settings.

    Get out your manual (or download one) to see the default gateway, username and password. It will also give you guidance on setting up the wireless.

    If your computer handles it, use WPA2 with (personal) AES encryption, enter a password in the router (write it down you will need it to login with devices), and check that DHCP is turned on.

    Then go into your computer network control panel, manage wireless networks, and delete or edit the network settings to the new ones. If you just delete, reboot, and then find the network it will ask for the information to connect.
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