How to set up a router as a switch

I have a TP-Link WR541G/542G router which I would like to utilize as a switch to connect my xbox 360, blue ray player and TV box to the internet. The switch is connected to a powerline adapter and another adapter is connected to the main router Huawei HG533. I have tried to follow your instructions I found in the thread however it did not work. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Could you help please?
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  1. Disable DHCP, disable the wireless if you don't need it. Plug all your devices into the LAN not use the wan port for anything.

    This is all it should take.

    Only thing I could see maybe you would need a crossover cable between the powerline and the switch port. This is very uncommon now days, most equipment will just figure it out.
  2. Perhaps you mean using the TP-Link as an AP/switch.

    To do that you turn off the DHCP in the TP-Link and give it a static IP address that is in the network range but outside the DHCP address assignment range. That static address has to be entered in both the TP-Link and the main router. So for example if your Huawei has a gateway address of, give the TP-Link a static address of and then save a few static addresses, so make the DHCP assignment range on the Huawei to 1.254.

    For the TP-Link wireless radio use the same SSID and security type/password, but a different radio channel than the main router if it also has wireless.
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