No newer router is working for me, help?

So I have purchased, the Asus RT-n66u twice, the Linksys ea4500, and the ea3500. With all 3 of these routers I am able to set them up just fine the internet works fine, and then come the connection drops. It doesnt matter if I'm wired or wireless, the internet connection will not be stable for more than 5-10 mins a time. I called ASUS tech support and thier stumped too. Firmware is not a factor as Ive updated them for all 3 routers. I'm using a ping monitor to see how much it drops. In the last 40 mins it dropped 12 times with a wired connection and typically takes 45-90 secs to come back up.

The interesting thing is that my current router a Linksys E2000 is working just fine and is routing 12 wireless devices with no loss of connectivity. I wanted to upgrade to a router with a longer range, but out of the 3 I tried so far none work. So I'm ruling out that its an issue with my ISP or the Arris modem that came with comcast becuase thats been up for weeks. What am I missing?

My ISP is comcast.

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  1. If your current router is doing well, how about adding a wireless AP (router configured as an AP to it)? Can you run an Ethernet cable from the E2000 to a distant point in your house to attach an AP? That will give you the best possible coverage, better than any single N router will do compared to the E2000.
  2. unfortunatley thats not an option. That is why I bought a stonger N router.
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