Diablo II Patched (v1.11), Blizzard North Office Plugged

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Diablo II Patched, Blizzard North Office Plugged

Written by Matthew Gallant
Tuesday, 02 August 2005
That's right, a Diablo II patch. And with that, Blizzard North closes
up, saying goodbye to San Mateo and moving all their people down to
Irvine, to continue work on their unnanounced project alongside the
Warcraft mob.

How they'll get them through the encircling throngs of people angry
about World of Warcraft being several forms of jacked up (including
the most important form, me not being able to log into my server) yet
again, I don't know.

While North's swan song isn't as big a deal as the 1.10 patch, Diablo
II 1.11 does add some new content as well as bug and exploit fixes.


"To buy an island is the same as courting a woman. You can never explain exactly why you love her. It's chemistry--something you cannot define--a feeling that you can stay forever."
-- Farhad Vladi, Islands (mag) Jul/Aug 2005
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    On Sat, 06 Aug 2005 05:13:07 -0700, Ablang
    <HilaryDuffPerfectWoMan@ablang-duff.com> wrote:

    > Diablo II Patched, Blizzard North Office Plugged

    I was hoping for rebalancing of the skills when I heard about this
    patch, too bad that didn't happen. I might have dusted off the game
    again if that was the case.
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