Internet problem... can't find anything on it. Don't know what to do

So, I had this program on my computer called Speedbit Video Accelerator, which after a month of it just sitting there I decided to remove it. I go through the removal process, but it turns out that even after I had removed it, there were some files left over in the location this program was located. Me, having no idea that removing these 5 or 6 files in a folder would cause any harm to my computer, went ahead and did so, and foolishly proceeded to delete them from my recycle bin. Afterwards, I try to run Skype, and it turns out I can't connect to it. Hmmm... tried finding all kinds of remedies for Skype problems, but nothing helped... Then I decided I'd give it a break and play some League of Legends... and I get this: "Could not connect to the HTTP server...." now I start to get worried. Skype won't work, League of Legends wont work, Steam won't work, Diablo 3 won't work, even Internet Explorer won't work, no programs on my computer can connect to the internet, but here's the thing: All my 64 bit internet browsers will. I know it's because I deleted these files, but I cannot for the life of me remember what they were. They were in this folder that the Speedbit program was located in, and I had to end various processes, that now do not want to work, in order to delete the files I mentioned earlier. I had no idea this would cause this problem, as I figured such things wouldn't be kept in a folder to be easily deleted like that. Anyway, I had hidden files and folders on when I did this, don't know if they were hidden or not, but yeah, and I would try to install Speedbit again to try and find the location myself, but no program on my computer, including the Speedbit installer, can access the internet except for my 64 bit firefox browser.

Please help, I really don't want to reinstall everything on my computer because of this, and I cannot perform a system restore point because I have no recent ones. Really never ran into any issues like this until now as I usually try to be careful. I just want to find out what I deleted and get it back on my computer.

By the way, I'm running on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS.
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  1. Nevermind... I actually fixed everything :D
    I ran command prompt and entered: netsh winsock reset
    Not even really sure if deleting those files actually affected anything anymore... but everything works now.
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