Bizarre Network Issue

Hi guys,

I work in IT support for a company in the UK. We've had a customer with a very weird issue, and I hope that somebody here can shed some light on this.

The user connects to a VPN from home to his work machine and then connects to his desktop at work through RDP. When using Wireless, the connection works perfectly and the machine works as it should. However, when he connects to a wired Ethernet connection and restarts his machine, his IE browser starts with startup and loses a few icons on his desktop and start menu tray. His AVG icon is also a disappearing icon.

So basically, something is happening when he's using a cable that doesn't happen when he's using wireless. What the hell?

Busy running a virus scan now, and System Restore is always unsuccessful. The user is running XP.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?
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  1. Thanks for all the replies from the "knowledgeable" community here at Tom's. Great help you've all been.
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