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I have the setup as following on my PC:

Intel NIC <-- RT-N66U router (DHCP server 192.168.0.x) <-- Zhone modem <-- ISP fibre termination point <-- Internet
Wireless Ethernet card <-- DIR-600 router (DHCP server 192.168.1.x) <-- School internet point in my room <-- Internet

I use the fibre internet for almost all internet activities since the speed is fast.
However, when I do school's stuff, I need to VNC to my lab's server. Hence I need to connect to school internet point. External IP cannot directly connects to my school's server.

Therefore, I would need to force Windows (or VNC) to use the connection of the Wireless Ethernet card when I VNC to my lab's server. But I want to use my fibre for all other internet activities.

I read around but still cannot find a conclusive answer.

Appreciate your help.
Thank you.
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  1. You are going to have to hand tune it. First on the primary internet connection leave the default gateway. On you secondary internet connection remove the default gateway. You now pretty much only have a single internet.

    You now need to use the ROUTE command to add network you want sent to the secondary internet. This works in very simple cases. You get into trouble real fast when you do not have complete lists of IP and a web pages tries to open part of it on one connection and the rest on another.
  2. None of this would be an issue if you had two PCs, right? Well one way to simulate two PCs is to use a VM (virtual machine). So you could use one NIC on the host to the fiber network, and pass the second NIC to the guest VM and the school network. And with Oracle Virtual Box’s seamless mode, you’d almost think you were actually using only one environment, esp. if all you do is VNC to the school network.
  3. I think I'll try the routing method. I'm afraid that it will be slower to use VM.

    Network point 1 (fibre internet from ISP):
    Optical Termination Point --> Modem (with static IP) --> RT-N66U (; 255:255:255:0)

    Network point 2 (school internet):
    School Internet Point (dynamic IP --> Dlink DIR-600 (; 255:255:254:0)

    NIC 1 is connected to network point and having IP address of (255:255:255:0).
    NIC 2 is connected to network point and having IP address of (255:255:254:0).

    Normally, when I need to connect to school server, I need to disable NIC1 and enable NIC2, go to VNC and remote using school's Linux server IP

    How exactly should I write the route command in this situation?

    Thank you.
  4. I would first try the ROUTE PRINT command so you can see what it looks like. If you are on the same subnet as the machine you want to run VNC to you may be able to just delete the default gateway on that interface and it will work without route commands. You only need route command for subnets that are behind the gateway on the secondary network. Since you cannot use the default route you must specify them
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