Benq FP951 19inch LCD VS Samsung 172X, plz help :)

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Nice to meet ya all :)

I am in the market for a new LCD monitor and this one has caught my eye.

Benq FP951
250 cd/m2 High Brightness
700:1 Ultrahigh Contrast Ratio
25ms Response time
DVI Interface

The high contrast ratio and DVI interface looks appealing but the 25 ms response time worries me as I occasionally play games and watch movies on the computer. But the high contrast ratio should be better at digital photo viewing and editing right? Btw, how is Benq’s reputation as an LCD manufacturer?

I also have the option of buying the 17 inch Samsung 172X with 12MS response time but a notch lower contrast ratio of 500:1. Now will the constrast ratio make a big difference for digital photography viewing and edition?
( < - samsung link.

The samsung can only display 16.2million colours while the Benq can display 16.7million - another factor i must take into consideration.

So what do you think guys? Please help me.
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  1. I recently purchased the 172X. I use Photoshop cs as well as watch movies and play FPS games (farcry, BF1942 & the rest). Took a while to get the brightness lowered to where I wanted it. The monitor come stock really bright. Also the colors can be very hard to adjust via the digital connect and their windows color adjusting apps. I think its magic bright and something else. I ended up doing a lot of searching to find other color adjustment apps to get it where I wanted it and it’s still kind of bright. Thought now that ive got it were I want it, i am pleased with it. If you’re really looking for fine pixels for 2D apps stick with a nice CRT or go for CGI if you can afford it.

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  2. what does -CGI- stands for???

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