Router keeps going out? Help!

Asus RT-n13u

My friend let me use this router (has DDWRT on it) and it had worked great for a few weeks and then one day all of the lights

(except the power) keep going off at seemingly random intervals.

Sometimes it lasts 8 hours, sometimes 30 minutes, but eventually it just stays in this state of all of the lights going off except the power.

Sometimes removing and putting power back in immediately will make it go on but eventually all you will get it the power light on.

If I wait a while, I can get all the lights to come on by power cycling but eventually it goes back to this.

I tried a hard reset (30/30/30) but Im not sure it even did anything because it was in its ''only power light on'' stage.

Can someone please help me with this? My work depends on getting this thing working and it is very frusrating.
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  1. How is the heat on the router? Sounds like it may be having a thermal overload of some sort. I recently dealt with something similar with a desktop. The heat sinks / fans were caked with drywall dust causing the CPU to overheat and shut the box down when it hits the threshold...

    Have you tried blowing the dust out of the router case?
  2. I've tried that and Ive put it near my fan to try and cool down. But now I can't even get a light to come on except the power light on the bottom and when I try and plug directly in from ethernet I get "Unidentified Network - No Network Access"
  3. Might just be a toasty little critter then... On the plus side, routers are comparatively cheap...
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