Connect to internet via wifi and lan via cable

Hello, I have a small office where we work over a cable network through our dear old router.

Recently, we wired internet, which comes in via a wireless router to avoid another wire.

The problem I haven't solved is that every time one of us want internet to work, we have to disconnect the cable. We're working on windows 7 platform and I haven`tfound how to redirect the internet connection to the wireless.

Any idea on that?
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  1. Wow talk about a confusing post , first you say that you have a router for cable internet then you say that you wired the internet which comes in by wireless and then you say that when you want the internet to work you disconnect a cable but you want to redirect the internet to work through the wireless ???
    You really need to clear this up so that it's not so confusing , my head is spinning after reading this post. I would like to help you but I don't know where to begin.

    Where is your cable modem in all this ?
    What does the cable modem connect to ?
  2. Ha! Sorry 'bout that, was a bit stressed when I did that,and thanks for your attention.

    Thing is:

    1. Internet comes via wifi.
    2. I have 4 laptops wired to a network via a regular (not wifi) router without internet.
    3. Each laptop is connected both via a lan card (to the office) and a wifi card (to internet).
    4. To connect to Internet, every laptop looks at the cable connection only, which has no internet. Therefore, we have to disconect the cable each time for the laptop to get the wifi connection.

    The question is: Is there a way to obligue the computers to look for internet through the wifi connection instead of the cable one?

    I hope I did it clearer this time...

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