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I have a D-link dir-632. My problem is my downstairs using wifi is sucking up all my bandwidth. I want to lower their bandwidth limit and i heard dd-wrt works so I installed dd-wrt firmware on my dir-632. But after the firmware upgrade my router can't connect to the internet. I am able to configure the settings using my new dd-wrt router interface but no internet. I unplugged it and connect my comp directly to the modem. I have a motorola surfboard sb6121 modem with comcast hi-speed internet. I would like to know how can I make my modem work again using dd-wrt or change it back to stock firmware. And wat other ways to limit wifi bandwidth.
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  1. Is this firmware the correct firmware for your model router ? You will have to go into the routers settings to see if there is a way to revert to the previous firmware or go to the D-Link support web page.
  2. yea its the correct one i got it from

    I really want to use this firmware and make it work cuz I love the QoS option. The stock firmware doesn't have any options to configure the QoS.
  3. Maybe the mac address got changed. Try the standard turn off the cable modem trick or try to set the router to spoof your PC mac address.

    You could try to set the wan address manually and set you pc to a ip in the same range and at least make sure you can ping on the wan ports. It would at least verify the router was still functional.

    DD-WRT has a huge number of diagnostic tools but most require you to use line mode unix commands. I would suspect you are not getting a wan address.
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