New 160 GB Hard Drive install problems

I am hoping someone can help me with some problems I am having with the installation of this new WD 160 GB Hard Drive that i just purchased.

When i open the baox for the drive i found a note saying that I had to install the included ATA 100 controller to get the disk to work correctly. Since i didnt want to install the card, I looked around the site I found out i didnt have to since my motherboard (an asus A7N8X) has support built in for ATA 133 and will recognize the drive.

I then install the drive in my PC and prepare to do a fresh install of Win XP on the new disk. (i bought this new disk to replace the one i already have....the old hard disk will go in an older machine i have) I boot my machine from the XP install disk and everything is going fine until the instal want to partition my dick for me. The install only recognized 137 GB! So i do a search on the windows knowledge base and find some info on a registry edit that can be done so that hard drives larger than 137 GB can be used. But how am i supposed to do a regisrty edit if i dont have XP installed yet? Can any help me with this problem? Can i partition my HD into 2 smaller partitions (ie les than 137 GB) and get it to work?

Any and all recomendations would be helpfull.

I am actually thinking of taking the hard drive back and getting 2 smaller ones instead.

Thanks again

Jeff "Phozgene" Case
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  1. Of course you can partition your HDD into 2 or more smaller partitions (each less than 137 GB), and it should solve your problem.
  2. ok, so now that i know that i can do do i do it from the win xp start disk?

    Thanks again
  3. If the xp boot cd is anything like the win2k one it should be a breeze... select the drive, make a partition (leaving the rest to be partitioned and formatted later).

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  4. Right, like the last guy said, make the first partition the size you want from the settup disk, then do the install and so forth, add the second partition to the unpartitioned space later.

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  6. I ve got the same problem though i just need the 160GB drive to store data not to install windows on it.
    Win XP just sees the disk as 128GB (in computer management/storage/local) and so even i create a partition of 128GB XP still cant see there are some more GB remaining.
    my mobo is asus a7v8x and as far as i can read they say ATA 66/100/133... I read somewhere that ata133 was needed for drivers bigger than 128 .. is that true? and if so why that mobo cant see my drive as a 160GB?
    moreover, after the drivers are detected, the 2nd bios screen displays ATA6 for the drive on the first IDE cable, and ATA2 on the drive plugged on the second ide cable?
    Doesnt ATA6 means ATA100? so does it mean that the two ide sockets both dont support ATA 133? i m a bit confused as you can see... anyone has got a clear idea of what's wrong?
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