Bridging routers without access to gateway router

So I have multiple devices that I would like to access simultaneously online. HOWEVER, the service I am currently using requires a login to gain web access and can only have one device at a time logged in with that account.
Is there any way to setup a bridge with a second router to my other devices?

I'm aware of the option to use my laptop as a WAP, however I will not always have my laptop running.
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  1. If the system is smart no you can't but most systems like this are stupid and assume a IP address only comes from a single machine.

    All you do is put a normal router in place. Since the addresses are natted the first machine logs in and the service opens the IP address of the router not the actual machine. Then other machines can use that same connection since they are natted to the same address.

    This of course only works for a period of time since most system like this require you to relogin from time to time.

    Other methods use some form of tunnel which you cannot get past as easy. PPPoE is supported by most routers but other things are not so simple.
  2. This system does require a login, but as long as there is an activity on the connection, it will not drop it.

    What configuration would need to be done to the router, note it is already reflashed with DD-WRT.
  3. You can't do it with just a router you will need a pc to do the log in. Any router will work it nothing special it can't tell if there are 1 or 100 pc behind a address
  4. I knew that... Attempting to reply at 1am. Can I hook the router up to the PC and rebroadcast that way with an adhoc connection?
  5. Make the router connect to the internet and use the pc to connect to the dhcp range of the router u shouldnt need ddwrt
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