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I have an Acer Aspire 5749z laptop running Windows 7. I keep loosing my connection when moving around from room to room. For the 1st year I had this system it worked prefectly. I could move around anywhere in the house and even outside. There are 2 other laptop of simular model in the house that are working fine on the wifi network. Why has mine changed and is it fixable. Please help I have had a weak wifi connection for a while now and it's getting old I'm just about ready to give up on this system.Thanx for reading my problem and looking forward to a speedy reply :-(
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  1. You can try to refresh the drivers for the wireless card in your laptop and there may be a newer driver also.
    You can do a firmware update on the router and you can go into the routers settings and make sure that the settings haven't changed.
    If your router has a QoS setting you can try and add your computers mac address and up the priority a bit to see if that changes anything.
    Finallt you may want to consider a new wireless adapter.
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