How to archive pictures to ext hard drive in Win 7

I want to copy my pictures to an external hard drive. When I load digital pictures to "my pictures"on my computer, it also copies them to my ext. hard drive. Should I delete a picture from "my pictures" it also deletes the picture from my ext. hard drive. I want to keep the ext. hard drive pictures safe no matter what I do with the pictures on my computer "my pictures." Any one have an idea how I can do that.
Thank you.
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  1. Couple of ideas to try out:

    You can use the Microsoft Sync Toy:


    another good piece of software is allwaysync (free for non commercial use), which has some nice options so you can install it on the external HDD and it will kick-start syncing when you plug the external HDD in.

    I'm not sure if you can define a sync rule so only picture additions are synced, but not deletions from your PC to the external HDD. My best guess is that you should try allwaysync as it has more customisable parameters, the MS tool is rather basic.
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