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I will be moving to a condo complex later this year. At first I figured I would get a cable modem w/ built in WiFi and 4 port switch from Comcast. This would be a setup that I am familiar with since I have a similar Verizon Fios setup. Turns out I just found out that the complex will be outfitted with a massive blanket of WiFi antennas covering the 5,500+ units. Great, for a mere $1.70/mo(!) I get internet coverage. Now how do I set myself up using bridges and access points to use the existing WiFi offering to supply internet yet I would like to use WiFi to connect my laptops, desktop, and printers and VIOP that I have.

I guess my question is, would I buy an access point to provide the networking hub to connect my WiFi devices to each other and connect the Wan input to a WiFi-Ethernet bridge to channel the internet traffic?

Any thoughts?
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  1. I would find out from the management if you can connect mutiple devices or if there is a charge for adding more than one device.
    A wireless access point would be the best way to go so that you can set up your own network and have the printer on it as well.
  2. Let me give an example of one of the devices that I will be hooking up to help illustrate my need.

    I currently have a Mac Mini at the other end of my house. It connects to my home network via the WiFi that my cable modem has so this enables my Mac Mini to both participate in my network for printing needs as well as data sharing and internet access. When I move, I will be able to connect my Mac Mini to the available WiFi offering that my condo complex will have to offer but then how would I connect to the rest of my network? If I connect to the access point that I am suggesting then how would I access the internet with my Mac Mini unless the local access point is able to supply it to its clients.

    I have others like my laptop and PS3.

    So is my option:

    Condo WiFi/Internet -> [Ethernet gateway] -> Ethernet -> [Wan input - AccessPoint] -> (WiFi, 4 port switch)

    Is this correct or are there other options.
  3. You could just connect all your device to apartment building wifi directly. Would be simple but may not be the best idea since now your printer is visible to everyone else on the apartment network. They may not allow this anyway.

    The other option is to get a bridge type device to connect to the apartment building network and then put a router behind it running your own network. You in this case want to run it as a router and not a AP to protect your stuff from other people in the complex. They do make routers with the ability to have the wan be wireless but it is cheaper to buy 2 routers and run one as a bridge/client.

    Do not use a repeater it very hard to get to work when you do not completely control the network and you have the same security issue as if you directly connect everything to the apartment network.
  4. I would think that the condo management is aware of the fact that people want to have thier own networks and printer set ups so I would go to the management and see what they have to offer as a solution to thier WiFi coverage and printers.
    It's a great solution for connecting all your devices through thier coverage but I'm sure your not the only one that wants a printer.

    Router ( converted to an access point) > ethernet cable > second router (set up as your own network) > printer , other devices
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