Comrades of tomshardware, do not laugh at my misfortune, I am a simple person trying to lead a simple life but this pursuit is hampered by my computer developing consiousness and being persistently evil.

Examples of its evilness :

* Random DLL errors will appear at random times, forcing windows and programs to close.

* Frequestly when I try and install something the blue screen of death will appear. It will generally appear at the same point of the installation process every time I try.

* Even when i manage to install a program there is a good chance that a combiunation of blue screens and DLL errors and fatal errors will pop up when I try to open the program or use it.

To try and rid my computer of its evilness I have done the following :

- fully format countless times and use several different versions and copies of windows when re-installing

- swap RAM

- clean the CPU and video card fans

- Buy a new hardrive (waste of money)

- reason with my computer

- threaten my computer

- swear at my computer

- apologise for threatening and swearing at it

All of these attempts have been completely futile. Please help me, please help, please......

CPU: Celeron 466
RAM: 2 x 64meg PC 100
VIDEO CARD: VideoExcel TNT2 M64 32meg
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  1. I ain't gonna laugh man, hell, I've been there, and it's not a good place to be.

    With a rig I had that caused me SO much hassle, I used to kick it, really hard, so much that I dented the case and left a black scuff mark on the front (It did REALLY piss me off). Helps a lot!

    Anyway, onto the prob...

    My first suggestion would have been RAM, but you've swapped that our already. I'd guess your OS is 98 or such if you're getting fatal errors (fatal exceptions?). Fatal exceptions usually point to hardware being at fault, and I'd hazard a guess it's you're mobo that's giving you grief. In all my experience, I've never seen a CPU give this prob.

    Mobo looks the most likely suspect to me.

    I've no doubt that some of my esteemed THGC members will offer their suggestions too!
  2. It could be due a lack of power... but that rig isn't very hungry. But you can install MBM 5 and see if your voltages fluctuate much or are very low... if they are that is probably the cause.
    Also check if you don't have driver or resource sharing problems (different PCI/ISA cards conflicting with eachother because they share resources like IRQ and DMA, you can find this information with msinfo32.exe).

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dimms when I turn it on :eek:
  3. Do you know any virgins? Because your comp may be demanding appeasement.

    I want to move to space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.
  4. The little ram I can deal with, but I cannot stand Celerons. The school I do tech work in has tons of old ass Celerons around the same speed as yours.

    And never apologize to a computer, you are the man when it comes to computers. It's perfectly fine to make out with your computer, and praise it. But the day you apologize, it gets the upper hand. heh

    It's all good ^_^
  5. try using system file checker to to search for and restore corrupt win98 files, from you win 98 cd (I have frequently had trouble with a setup dll file becoming corrupt...this interferes with installations)...I usually open from help and type in restore file/folders...when highlighting restore files and folders...hit display and choose system file checker (wizard, I think it's called) in list...hit display and there will be a link to open it...I am sorry but I do not know of a shorter path to open system file checker...I too would appreciate if some one knows of one.
  6. Click Start/Run type SFC and click OK.

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  7. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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