Free software to play DVD's?

I bought a Toshiba OEM DVD-ROM drive, and it didn't come with any software to play the DVD's. Is there any free software available (legally) that can play DVD's?

Unfortunately, programs like Media Player require a codec to be purchased to allow DVD playback.
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  1. Zoom Player.

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  2. Isn't that just a front-end to Windows Media Player? I think it requires you to buy the Microsoft DVD codecs first (but I could be wrong).

    I'm looking for something legal that will play DVD's without costing more money (and I think the MS DVD codecs require giving even more $$ to Micosoft).
  3. Unfortunately all the ones ive seen so far want you to pay for it...
    though if you get a retail dvd drive it should come with dvd software supplied.

    There is allways the slightly less than legal method...

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  4. In retrospect, I think a retail DVD drive would have been a better choice over the OEM drive. Sure, I saved $15 on the OEM drive, but I can't find any legal DVD player software for free or for $15 (I choose to keep everything legal).

    Unless I find a freeware DVD player, it looks like the OEM drive will wind up costing more than the retail drive. Bummer. But maybe someone knows of a freeware DVD player software.
  5. You want to stay legal, go check out this place they will help you.
    But, everything that comes free in this world, is worth a big zero! Good free stuff, does not exist and yes maybe the decoder will cost you as much as your drive. You made a bad choice and now you will feel the consequences. May the shareware world live forever!!!! Sucker ha!ha!ha!
    To pay or not to pay, that is the question! Don't be a scrooge next time.

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  6. Actually, there is plenty of great freeware and open source software out there. Maybe you've even heard of Linux?

    What I'm looking for is a freeware or open source equivalent of WinDVD/PowerDVD/etc.
  7. i don't understand anymore but if you said Linux that means you are looking for something that runs with that right???, if so you have this place to see...

    Those who act make mistakes; and those who do nothing really blunder.
  8. Hi Pescara,

    Actually, I was just using Linux as a good example of quality open source software. I'm looking for a Windows app to do this. I will take a look at your link, however, as I'm always looking for more reasons to make the switch from Windows to Linux. I teeter on the edge of that debate every day!

    And, if anyone does know of a freeware or open source DVD player for Windows (an actual player like WinDVD or PowerDVD, not just a front end), please don't hesistate to post! TIA.
  9. Yes, there are legally free MPEG2 codecs around the internet. Just download one and use WMP to play your dvd's. Some aren't that great though so don't be surprised if the movie freezes.
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