Was anyone able to download Windows 7 Beta 1 ISO?

Read up on the beta release today on Wired, but the download link there seems to be down. Are that many people really interested in Windows 7? :o

Any torrents of this up? :D
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  1. Yep, torrents work but many are corrupted. You can take all day to download then it won't work. I got the x64 version from PirateBay and it worked fine.

    Been playin with it and honesty, I don;t see what all the excitement is about. Feels and look pretty much just like Vista. Also, wont supprt my Laserjet 3200 printer which is pissin me off.
  2. Pah, you'd think MS would've started extending generic support for peripherals, even if this is just a beta. Thanks!
  3. I kept checking, but never saw it. I guess I'll just wait for the real one.
  4. Try this:

    They say only 2.5 million will be allowed to download so you may just be better off wit the torrent as 2.5 million will be gone very fast.

    Like I said, I have it and honestly don't get what the excitement is about.
  5. i was able to download both x86 and x64 versions from technet site today..
  6. Thanks for the links guys! Here's to hoping I fall within 2.5 mil :D
  7. The 2.5 million isn't right, somebody messed up. There was never a limit to the number of downloads. Although keys, perhaps.
  8. I was able to get the download but could not get the liscense. SOP for Microsoft
  9. Quote:
    I was able to get the download but could not get the liscense. SOP for Microsoft

    What happened? Did Microsoft clearly say that they were no longer giving out licenses? :-o
  10. jimmyboy said:
    I was able to get the download but could not get the liscense. SOP for Microsoft


    Keep trying - it took me several attempts - use the F5 button to refresh!
  11. I was able to both get the software and the key on 1/9/09. I tried getting the key on the 8th but it failed.
  12. Maybe less people are trying to register now. Let's hope that 2.5 M threshold hasn't been reached!
  13. Downloaded the x64 version and got my key with no issues.
  14. 2.5 mil cap was discarded there is no cap for about 2 weeks. It is over 2GB download, don't attempt it on dialup it will never work.
  15. Thanks for heads-up pip_seeker. Am downloading it right now. Good thing I can leave PC on while I'm at work! 20% left...
  16. No problems getting product key over here: Looks like traffic has cleared up, and details on limitations clearly outlined.
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