Free Antivirus on W7 RC?

I've heard very mixed reports of AVG Free, Avira and Avast! working with Windows 7.

What are you guys using?
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  1. Avast, works perfectly on my Windows 7 RC.
  2. AVG works fine too
  3. Ive been using Avast perfectly fine and seems to be less system heavy than AVG, which is good cuz my laptop is very old...
  4. +1 for Avast. It is working great on Windows7 RC.
  5. for lesser specs I agree, if you got a monster though nothing gonna slow it down, long as it works fine
  6. Thanks guys.

    I just discovered Windows Seven Forums. They have an entire sub forum dedicated to system security ( ). It seems avast! is pretty popular over there as well.
  7. I'm using AVG on one test system and Avira on the other. Both seem to be working fine so far, except for a few issues with the Security Center plugin for AVG at the start. A day later there was an update that fixed it, so it should be fine now. The _Official_ forum for Windows 7 security is located over on Microsoft's Technet social section. It is located here:
  8. +1 for Avira. Don't know why people are still using AVG(Free, which is based off of the same engine as the paid version), it isn't that great any more. I switched to Aviria after it found a few things AVG missed.

    AVG actually tried to tell me NetBeans and .NET updates (Java IDE, downloaded from and .NET updates via Windows Update) was a virus! lol. It also told me that my host file (Located in: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc) was a virus, which wasn't.


    Best Free Anti-Virus software: There was no contest with the freebie –Antivir was above and beyond its competition. Enough said.

  9. One of the antivirus programs being offered is from McAfee which I have been using with no problem. If you are interested you can download it free from there website. It is in the Beta section. Of course all the antivirus I am familiar with at this time is Beta for Windows 7 RC.
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