Win XP Lockup Prob, plz help

Hey, i just installed Win XP Pro about a week ago, i started getting these random lockups when i start internet related app's, like AIM or IE, just downloaded and installed Mozilla, trying to stop some of the lockups, i think it may have something to do with my nvidia drivers, but i have reinstalled the lastest ones twice...

it has never locked up in anything but AIM and IE, i like XP, its fast but i would like to get this fixed.


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  1. I did a long post for someone who could write CDs cleanly. Just today, I read a post stating that the first thing you should determine is if you have a quality power supply, that can sustain voltages. If they fluctuate, then it could cause problems.

    If you think it's good enough, you can try another clean install, <A HREF="" target="_new">following the steps I've outlined in this post I've already typed up</A>. Start at clean install, if that's what you'll shoot for.

    I've based my post on the works of ToeJam31 in <A HREF="" target="_new">this thread</A>. Scroll down to where he starts explaining on the order of installation, especially about nVidia drivers.

    Good hunting!

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