Best method to connect to buildings free wifi

Hi, I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can give me some advice and direction on this.

I've been in a home office for the past 2 years with 30mb internet, but I will be getting an office soon downtown. The building I'm moving into has free wifi, what is my best option to connect to this with my desktop?

1. Using an ethernet cable from my desktop to my ASUS rt-56n router as a bridge to connect to the buildings wifi.

2. Buying a wireless adapter to connect to the buildings wifi.

My phone only gets 2 bars when connecting so I'd like to know which of the options above will give me a faster and more reliable connection.

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  1. The cheapest and simplest solution is to buy a wireless USB adapter.

    You can use a router in bridge mode, and that would likely have a better connection due to the larger antennae. The router used must support a bridge mode -- I know that the ASUS RT-N66U does, but I am not sure about the 56N.
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