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I need to CHANGE the password of my netgear router. How do I go abouth this? Please help, much appreciated.
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  1. Do you know your current password?
  2. If you want to ghange the password of the router then you need to access the internal settings of the router.
    To do that you need to type in the address of the router , it will be on the router as a sticer some place or in the user manual. Examples are and

    Once you type he address you then hit enter and bring up the routers log in window and you can enter the current ser name and password. If you haven't changed it then iot will be the default username and password that came with the router.

    Once in the routers internal settings you can go to the Administration section and that's where you can change the routers password.

    If your wanting to change the wireless network password then you can follow the same instructions to get into the routers internal settings and then go to the wireless section and wireless security and that's where you can change the wireless network password.

    Any changes that you make will have to be saved. Write down and password changes and keep them in a place where you can get them when needed.
  3. lonecosmos said:
    Do you know your current password?

  4. yes
  5. lonecosmos said:
    Do you know your current password?

    no I forgot my password
  6. You can also reset the router to factory defaults. The default username and password can be found in the user manual or just google the make/model of your router and 'default password'.
  7. Most Netgear routers use as the ip address and the user is admin and the password is password. If you do a hard reset using the recessed reset button this will do a factory reset. Then login via a wired connection ideally and use the ip address and info provided. From there you should be fine.

    If you never changed your password then try admin/password first. That may be all you need.

    Bob Silver
    NETGEAR Networking Consultant
  8. I had the same issue & i solved it by Tech Support So you can contact them.
  9. Change my wi fi pass
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