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we have a Belkin wireless router N model # F5D8236-4. We just purchased a new desktop and the router will not show up when we search for it on the new computer to connect. The internet connection is found on 3 laptops and 2 iphone 4s's that we also own and is connecting just fine. The new computer is equipped with windows 8 :(. I have manually typed in the router information and password (CORRECTLY)but it cannot find it. Is there a way to connect this router to a windows 8 OS?

Thank you for all your help :)
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  1. We just purchased a new desktop , what are you using for the desktop a wireless card or usb adapter?
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    When you buy and install a new router it comes with a cd to do the install. Because Windows 8 is brand new many routers were shipped with up to Windows 7 drivers so you may need to go to the Belkin support web page to see if there is a patch for Windows 8.
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