Is generic memory bad...?

Well currently i have a stick of 256mb DDR2100 generic ram in computer.I was hoping to get another stick otherwise i would not be able to use Dual-DDR function in my 8RDA+, my question is, would it be better for me to:
1.Buy another stick of the same model and speeded generic ram or
2.Sell that stick of ram and buy two better branded memory modules?

ps:i am running a Athlon XP 2000+ CPU.
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  1. If you're going to overclock, then the higher quality, or performance RAM is a must, if you have no overclocking intentions, the cheaper RAM will work just fine, but try to stay below 3 with Cas Latency, say 2.5 if you can, and try to match what you already have.

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  2. okay i get it. But what would happen if i dont get the same type of memory module?
  3. instable system if you ask me.

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  4. Generic memory is just like anything else generic. It works but it isn't going to be as high quality as namebrand companys.
  5. even the best names sometimes have problems with stability in dual channel, that's why companies are releasing ram specifically tested for it
    you will most likely not be stable, it's probably worth getting ram that's been tested for it


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  6. okay.
    But just out of curiousity...would it make any difference if i got 2 DDR333 modules for an XP2000 compare to DDR266?
  7. How do you know which memory is tested for it? Does it say something like "dual channel ok" on the manufacturers' web site?
  8. visit your mobo manufacturer website, it should state that which ram have been tested for dual channel ddr.

    My PC has gone to hell... because it's a killing machine...
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