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Hello all,

This is my current setup:

Router 1: Main Gateway to Internet, internal IP

Router 2: Vonage Wireless Router, connected to gateway, and has an IP address of and is DHCP for anyone who connects.

A NAS device which has an static IP of (which is of course outside the DHCP range) is connected to this router.

Ok, I have a webserver that is off Router 1, with an ip of Router 1 routes all traffic on certain ports to this server.

Every now and then, I want to access my NAS device off router 2 to access files on that device from the web server.

How can I get my webserver to talk to the NAS device? I believe I need to do a static route in Router 1, but can't seem to get it to work.


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    Tends to be a little messy

    First lets assume router 2 has the address of for its connection to router 1 on the wan port.

    On router 2 you must do port mapping/forwarding just like you do on a internet router to make the NAS visible to the upper network.

    What you now do is on your server you access the nas using which router 2 port forwards.

    Now this only works in the most simple cases. You start running multiple NAS devices or things that use dynamic ports and you will need to get a true router rather than these things they call routers that actually gateways.
  2. Got it, thanks!!
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