Windows constatly freezing , when doing menial tasks


Ever since i tested out a ram module for my friend , i have had trouble when i put my ram back in .

My windows started freezing and i looked in the bios , i noticed that my timing where off and the clock aswell , so i fixed those but its still happening.

The freeze inculde : random pc freezes when watching youtube {thing complettely freezes , sound keeps playing , sometimes not , sometimes mouse frezzes aswell}

When in games , the thing just completele freezes and i have to reboot , alredy tried to reset bios , didnt work , also alredy re-seated ram , also didnt work

My pc is not overheating.

Somehow i think its something with te ram , could be a software problem though , sorry if i missposted this.

specs :

2500k at 4.2ghz {has been stable for ever and ive tried runnign without oc , still freezing}
gtx 560ti with newest 301.24 driver
4 {2x2} gb of corsair vengance 1600 mhz 8/8/8/24

Thank you in advance,
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  1. Run Memtest and see if it detects any errors:

    You can also run the built in Windows Memory Diagnostic tool if you don't want to go through having to boot from removable media, but i'm not sure how good it is when in comparison to a tried and true program like Memtest86+.
  2. load the task manager window the next time it does it click the processes tab ans see if any are using up all the cpu time. that shoud give you a start. if nothin is then it may be hardware
  3. I will run memtest and post resuslts
  4. Ran memtest , went to 100 percent , no errors
  5. Run chkdsk in the command prompt and see if it comes up with any errors. As it's starting to seem more like a software problem. Might be best to backup and do a reinstall.
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