my computer cant find my cd-writer or dvd-rom

my computer cant find any of my cd-roms?? it just says unknown device does anyone know what i can do please help my thanks for your time

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  1. errr... some more details would be helpful! We arnt phsycic you know.

    motherboard type & brand, type of drives, master/slave setup, connected to normal IDE channel or RAID channel etc.

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  2. Yes more details please, PooBah I thought you were psychic

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  3. for now Barvini try this> go to "START" > "CONTROL PANEL" > if not done "SWITCH TO CLASSIC VIEW" than click "SYSTEM" > than choose the tab "HARDWARE", than choose >"DEVICE MANAGER" click on the drive (you should see your drive), if you have a cd-rom that came with your drive, put it in your tray and choose update driver it will auto... find and install any missing sheets or file needed for proper functionality and so on... or remove the drive from the pc and reboot without the drive and than close again and reinstall your drive and reboot, let windows find the drive and install it, hopefully you are using XP, because all this is for that OS (FAST DETECT)and check your IDE, you will be at the same place so double click on that device to.

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  4. i am not really good wiyh computers but it cant find my secondery drives

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  5. i did, had to take out my video and network card and put them back

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  6. So what is the verdict, can you use now the cd drive?

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  7. yes i can now use them thanks you guys for your help

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